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Shove Turnparts was founded in 1940 in response to the country’s need for engineering skills at that time.

Since then the company has evolved to provide high class precision turned parts to a demanding and ever changing client base which has included the Medical, Automotive, Safety, Electrical, Electronic, Music and TV industries.

Shove Turnparts remains a family concern and continually strives to invest in modern technology. Production now concentrates on CNC lathes, machining most metals and plastics. Present capacity is up to 32mm diameter but will increase in the near future.

We maintain computerised systems for quoting, job tracking and quality control throughout the production process, enabling us to deliver ‘just in time’ (JIT).

Competent in understanding our customers’ needs, we are happy to assist at the design stage to identify the most economic methods and materials before manufacture.

Competitive pricing, reliable delivery dates and quality is our policy for building good and lasting customer relationships.

Please navigate our website. Any enquiries may be sent by clicking on the “Contact Us” link.


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